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Bodkin’s – a Tasty Tale of Fermented Vegetables

Simon and I  continue our series of posts on all things fermented and pickled.  We have discovered some great new  products at the Food Shows we’ve visited in the USA & U.K.  At Food Matters Live – a UK Food Show with a Health & Well-being focus, I met up with Jessica Herridge, Founder of Bodkin’s.  After  trying her  tasty  range of unpasteurised,   fermented  vegetables I was interested to find out the story behind their creation. Jessica’s son had experienced digestive health issues after being prescribed multiple doses of antibiotics. She had read about the benefits of  gut friendly foods in the diet and began to experiment at home with naturally fermenting different combos of  vegetables and spices.  Jessica incorporated the probiotic fermented veggie mixes into her son’s diet and after a few months his digestive problems disappeared.   ‘Mum’s fermenting again’ with vegetables ready for shredding and jars around the kitchen becoming an ever familiar sight. Family and friends enjoyed the products too. They  encouraged Jessica to take the next step and start making more to sell to the local community in Surrey.  Inspired by her son’s improved health and the benefits of probiotics Jessica created Bodkins. In May 2019 Bodkins moved to a small production facility on Pierrepont Farm in Frensham, Surrey. The dairy farm had set up a trust  to support local food entrepreneurs. Along with Bodkins there is also a small craft brewery and a  cheese maker-  so a thriving fermented food community! I met Vicky & Anna, the Bodkins production and  sales team.

Anna & Vicky: Bodkin’s Production & Sales Team

They  prepare the vegetables using  a small industrial slicer, add salt and spices,  then ferment  in 40 kg barrels for 3 weeks. The lacto- fermentation that occurs encourages the gut friendly  bacteria to grow and also preserves the product.

Kimchi during fermentation

Sterilised Jars

The team hand fill into sterilised jars , seal,  label and store refrigerated, ready to sell.


Kimchi just jarred!

There are six products in the range:

Kimchi with white cabbage, green onions, carrot, ginger, garlic, sea salt and chilli flakes.

Red Cabbage with Chilli Flakes & Oregano, my personal favourite.

The other four products are White Cabbage, Peppercorns and Carrots; White Cabbage with Sultanas; White Cabbage, Peppercorns, and Cumin Seeds; White Cabbage with Peppercorns and Fennel Seeds. 

The products have a 3 month shelf life and once opened should be stored in the fridge and eaten with a week. The product range is available on line, at Wholefoods  in Farnham, Squires Garden Centre in Frensham and at various local farmers markets in Surrey including Farnham, Guildford, Godalming, Hazlemere, Milford & Ripley.

The products are really versatile and work well in rice    dishes, stirred into noodles, in salad bowls, on burgers, and even in toasted cheese sandwiches.

Bodkins – a tasty,  range  of fermented veggies for good gut health.

For more information please check out their website:

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