Sicilian Food Stories

Italy is one of my favourite countries to visit. I love the culture, the people and of course their passion for food- growing it, making it, talking about it and eating it! On my travel bucket list was Sicily and  an Italian cooking course which… Read More

Fresh Tuna Tacos

As a food blogger, I love discovering new food ranges and their creators,  especially if there’s  an interesting story.  I met  Lizzy Hodcroft, Founder of The Sweet Beet UK in London at a Food Show in November 2017  and we chatted about all things foodie… Read More

Orange Marmalade Recipe Made Easy

Marmalade – at its simplest just three ingredients- oranges, sugar, water. I have always been a fan of eating the citrusy tangy orange jam, like Paddington Bear, but never made it myself. As a food blogger I would like to think I know my way… Read More

Swiss Chard Leek & Feta Cheese Tart

As a  London foodie I seek inspiration from  the sights, sounds, smells & tastes in places like Broadway  or Borough food markets. On a grey  chilly January day the Swiss chard with its  jewel coloured ruby & golden stems & dark green leaves stood out.… Read More