Plant-Based Burger Review

Plant-based, meat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian – so many buzzwords! It’s a changing World.  Adopting a more plant-based focused diet as a lifestyle change is a growing trend, as is the number of people giving up  meat, gluten, dairy and also adopting a vegan lifestyle.… Read More

Top 5 Israeli Food Adventures

As transatlantic foodies, we share foodie finds: markets/ cafes/ restaurants. We create and try recipes in New York, London and on our travels. We don’t often get to eat together but had the opportunity during our recent trip to Israel for friends Lena and Albert’s wedding. Neither… Read More

Not Quite Coleslaw

As a Kid I just loved a classic coleslaw salad served with burgers cooked on the grill, or with one’s fish and chips, as they do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts However, these days, my tastes have become a little more ‘fancy,’ (as my children put it)… Read More