2 friends 2 cities 2 opinions

Simon in New York, a lawyer, culinary whizz, sharp knives, wit and opinion.

A keen foodie and cook, loves his kitchen gadgets, recipes, hints and tips.

Lindsey in London, a food designer by day, food blogger by night.

A keen foodie, and cook, loves seeking out what’s on trend, has a natural curiosity and passion to cook and talk about it.

If, like us, you are into home made recipes, artisan or craft suppliers of great UK & USA made products, or restaurant reviews you will find them here at taste2taste.com.

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Lindsey & Simon

ps. All pictures & written material are the property of taste2taste. Please do not copy photos or posts without our written permission- many thanks!


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  2. Lynn

    Lindsey, met your delightful parents on a cruise and I have enjoyed reading your article on “taste2taste”
    I will enjoy following your articles. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lynn thanks am glad you enjoyed your holiday & our blog. Welcome to our blog community & Happy New Year Best Wishes for 2017 Lindsey


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