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Festive Food Pairing #3: Plum Pudding Beer with Xmas Pud

Happy Holidays &  Seasons Greetings to all! I have enjoyed an eventful time leading up to hosting a Chrismukkah dinner for 10 ( I think that’s the correct term combining Xmas & Chanukah!) but that is another story and post to share with you later on.   I wanted to include a pudding or dessert to pair with a beer after previous posts of pairing#1 (Sirloin steak) & 2# (Sea Bass).  Even though a glass of wine would be my go to choice with a  special meal I have really enjoyed tasting some great beers and pairing them with food – a trend that continues to grow in the USA, UK and globally. Lee @BeerAsylumPinner picked a fab final craft beer – a Plum Pudding Porter (6.5% APV) from Wiper and True, Bristol, UK (@wiperandtrue). A porter is a dark malt beer, a bit like a stout like Guinness. Those clever craft brewers of Bristol  have added mixed fruit, cinnamon and lemon zest. The beer is exceptionally smooth and not bitter with caramelised sugar, dark fruit flavours and a toasted finish. This is the kind of beer I would use in my Xmas Pudding recipe. For the recipe please look at the archives in December 2015 under flaming festive Christmas Pudding. I actually made this year’s pudding last year and have been ‘maturing’ it in a cool dark cupboard for a year, well wrapped up, just adding a teaspoon of rum every month or so to keep lovely & moist. I served the pudding in the British tradition  – flaming it at the table, with the lights dimmed before serving as in this video clip:


Plum Pudding Porter Craft Beer

Plum Pudding Porter Craft Beer

The whole family enjoyed the pudding, even my Uncle Norman who never usually eats desserts & is a huge foodie – said he loved it! Plum Pudding Porter Craft beer & Xmas Pud – a festive hit!

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