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Strawberry Shortcake- a sweet treat!

The weather in London is finally back to typical summer as it has been raining all day & due to continue all night. It is still summer and nothing better than a treat that is easy to make and naughty but nice to eat! I was feeling creative and came up with a modern take on a classic: spelt shortbread with crushed cardamon, lemon & a pinch of sumac. Traditional shortbread either bought or home made work just as well and more classic. I do have my quirky moments -cardamon & sumac  in shortbread are you kidding? Trust me it does work, as long as you like cardamon & sumac!


Stawberries, cream and crushed pistachios just add the biscuits!

  • Fresh strawberries sliced
  • roasted pistachios crushed
  • double (heavy) cream whisked to peaks
  • 3 all butter shortbread biscuits (home made or bought)


Start with a shortbread biscuit, spread with whisked cream, add a few crushed nuts and add some sliced strawberries. Repeat until you have a stack of 3 biscuits. Done in less than 10 minutes!

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