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All the colors of a Rainbow and flavors of the Mediterranean – Yellow Couscous, Balsamic Roasted Veg & Mozza Salad

As the readers of our Blog may have guessed, I rather like colorful food.  However, I do prefer natural colors to those inspired by food scientists.

I came up with this Couscous, Roasted Vegetables  and Mozzarella Salad one summer evening, around 20 years ago, in an attempt to recreate the look and taste of a salad I had on vacation by the Mediterranean. Albeit, it’s so long ago now, I just cannot remember where!!

It is a classic example of what you can achieve with nature’s palette of color and flavor. The mix of vibrant color and medley of sweet n’ savory tastes and textures are simply exquisite


Essential Ingredients

Essential Ingredients

For Roasted Veg you’ll need: 2 Courgettes / Zucchini in the US, (sliced fine lengthwise) – 1 Large Red Onion (finely sliced across) – 3 Whole Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow and Orange), Olive Oil and 2-3 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar. For the Couscous, you’ll simply require 250g / 9 oz of Whole Wheat North African style Couscous, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 tsp of  Turmeric and  2-3 knobs of butter. You will also need 2 x Buffalo Mozzarella Balls!


Couscous – Heat 250 ml / 9 fl oz of water in a pot until it boils, then add salt, turmeric and olive oil, lower to simmer, pour in the  couscous and mix with a wooden spoon until all the liquid is absorbed

Take off the heat and cover with a lid for 5 minutes, mix in the butter while heating gently again until it is absorbed. The Couscous should be bright yellow with loose grains

Roasted Veg – If you have a gas hob, char the peppers straight on the flame until all the skin has been blackened (or place in the oven at 220 c / 425 f, for the same effect).  Remove from hob / oven, place in a bowl and cover with cellophane – after 5 minutes, remove and pinch off the charred skin. Slice open, remove seeds and stalk, slice into long strips and place in a large bowl

Roasting Peppers etc

Roasting Peppers etc

Heat a griddle rubbed with olive oil, cook the onions and courgette / zucchinis, on this, until black char lines appear

Then mix all the veg in  alarge bowl with the balsamic vinegar

To finish, mix the dressed  veg  with the couscous, rip up the mozzarella and mix into the salad

All the Colors of the Rainbow and tastes of the summer by the Mediterranean combined

The vivid colors of my perfect Summer Salad

The vivid colors of my perfect Summer Salad

Truly delicious served with a glass of dry Rose Wine!

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Almost as food obsessed as my Beagle Hound Millie, I am a keen amateur cook and consumer of fine chow with a weakness for the spices of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine and an obsession with Chu Toro, British Cheese and Single Malt Orkney Island Scotch (go figure), I slice at warp speed (scars on the fingers to prove it) and can rustle up everything from Mashed Potato to Maki in the flash of an eye!


  1. Irene Tunkel

    I amthat other half referred to in he blog whose baby tomatoes were eaten by nazty chipmunks…:) This is dish is the one entire family loves.. it is indeed very tasty and invokes delightful flavours (and memories) of Italy where we used to go on holidays while living in London. This is a perfect vegetarian and healthy option that turns a fast after work dinner into a restaurant quality enjoyment, especially with a Rose on a side 🙂


    • simsalb

      Thanks for the kind review Ira! Keep following the blog and eating my creations too!


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