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July 4 – Star Spangled Dessert- Red, White & Blue!


Calling all party goers!

What to  make for the  after BBQ/party dessert? I have a  great recipe that’s so quick and easy to make… 4 easy steps to prepare, even quicker to eat!

My Red, White & Blue Eton Mess! A mess? Are you joking? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen? It’s not a mess but super delicious.

Eton Mess is a dessert eaten at the famous school Eton College, on the River Thames down the road from HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Windsor Castle. We are in Royal company!

Ingredients - definitely Red, White & Blue

                                   Ingredients – definitely Red, White & Blue


Fresh strawberries

White meringues ( shop bought is fine)

Fresh blueberries

Fresh double ( heavy) cream suitable for whipping

Edible decorations ( be creative as you dare!)


Whisk that cream until thick

Whisk that cream until thick

1. Wash the fruit and drain

2. Whisk the cream until thick ( don’t over whip otherwise you’ll get butter!)

3. Crush the meringues into bite size chunks ( a bit of size variation is good)

4. Mix together & decorate in red white & blue


July 4 Red White & Blue Eton Mess Dessert

July 4  – Star Spangled Dessert -Red White & Blue Eton Mess

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