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Summer Festival Beet salad – don’t believe it just munch!

Ingredients for Salad

Ingredients for Salad

I love a festival – music, dancing, street food, and an ice cold beverage. I was inspired to make a Summer Festival Beet salad to celebrate the legendary Glastonbury festival in the UK –  music for your tastebuds!  This salad is my take on Paula Mcintyre- the cookery writer and BBC radio broadcaster’s  suberb beetroot, kohlrabi & grilled scallion salad that she demo’d at Borough Market, London on Thursday. It’s quick to make, tasty & healthy too.


3 small to medium beetroots, I use different coloured ones (candy Heritage)

6 large spring onions (continental in UK, scallions in USA)

2 ripe but firm nectarines

1/2 a small celeriac

For the dressing:

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons  runny honey

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

75ml extra virgin  olive oil

Sea salt and black pepper


Slice the spring onions (scallions) in half lengthwise. Keep the ends on whilst chargrilling to keep spring onions from breaking apart.

Brush with olive oil and cook on a hot chargrill pan just till you get the stripes and they start to wilt. Remove, cool and chop into strips about  3 cm/2 inch lengths, discarding the ends.

Chargrilling Spring Onions (Scallions)

Chargrilling Spring Onions (Scallions)

Peel and finely slice the beetroot with a sharp knife or mandolin, please watch those fingers!

Peel and chop the celeriac into thin matchsticks.

Stop celeriac discolouring using lemon water

Stop celeriac discolouring using lemon water

Halve the nectarines, remove stone and slice into chunky pieces leaving skin on.

I am listening to Hot Chip & Mark Ronson as a bit of electronic dance & funk helps me get into my chopping festival groove!

For the dressing just whisk the honey, mustard & vinegar until combined. Whisk in  the olive oil  and season with salt and pepper.

Honey Mustard dressing

Honey Mustard dressing

Add to the veggies and fruit and serve. Great with BBQ chicken -see yesterday’s post or  for meat – free lovers just add some fresh mozzarella or crumble some soft, young goat’s cheese on top.

Don’t believe it just munch!


Summer Festival Beet Salad

Summer Festival Beet Salad

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