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My houmous/hummus – it’s not all Greek to me!

I have met some interesting people during my holiday around the Med including the Greek lady who manages  the Hellenic Traditional & Organic products store in Katakalon. Her shop was a cornucopia of deliciousness from olives, olive oil, spices, herbs, honey and lots more. I will write about her another time but talking with my co blogger about this weekend’s taste2taste off we decided a dip off was in order, no reflection of the current state of our or the Greek economy! This lady was definitely doing wonders for the local economy as I ended up buying lots of things including Monakrivo extra virgin olive oil from the Afanoules region which I have used in my houmous recipe that you can make in 5 minutes.



Ingredients (for 2-3 as a starter)

400g can chickpeas, drained but keep liquid

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

3 teaspoon of tahini paste

1 large garlic clove crushed

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

juice from 1/2 lemon

fresh chopped coriander, sumac, smoked paprika for decoration


Put all the ingredients except olive oil in a food processor. Add 1 tablespoon of the chickpea liquid.

Blend and start drizzling in the olive oil until smooth. If it is too thick add a bit more olive oil and chickpea liquid.

Decorate with chopped coriander, sumac, paprika and a drizzle of olive oil on top.

Warm some bread and you are ready to dip. My Greek houmous, a quick delicious starter surely this weekend’s dip off winner?

Houmous/hummus with Turkish Simit (sesame ring bread) & Greek pita

Houmous/hummus with Turkish Simit (sesame ring bread) & Greek pita


  1. I was out for a walk this morning and had just stopped for coffee when I saw your post. For once I had everything in except the tahini, which I picked up on the way home and I made this for lunch. Everyone really enjoyed it and the photos have just been posted on my Instagram (bakemecrazy66) – I’ve credited back to your blog – thanks for sharing – excellent post 😊

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      • Thanks for your lovely comments and sharing with your followers I really appreciate it. Please watch out for my post on olive oil tasting in Greece coming soon and also a dip recipe from Santorini called fava it’s like a Greek dahl, delicious, vegan and gluten & dairy free too!I had a challenge to find out how it’s made as I cannot speak Greek and the cafe owner spoke little English.

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    • simsalb

      Thank you Emma, we’re glad you enjoyed it. All credit to my co-blogger Lindsey, whose creation this was!


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