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From Ship to Shore: food stories from my Mediterranean holiday Chapter 1: Breakfast in Palma, Majorca.

I love checking out the local food specialities when on holiday and I had a great opportunity to experience lots of different cuisines on a recent cruise around the Med.

Mallorcan pastries in Palma including Ensaimades (far left)

Our first port of call, Palma the beautiful city in Majorca. We arrived about 10.00am and found a lovely cafe in a cobbled square in the Old City just up the hill from the stunning and impressive Cathedral.

We had a delicious wedge of Spanish tortilla (onions, sliced potato and eggs) cooked slowly and served warm together with a strong coffee. I then spied a tiny bakery nearby that had nearly sold out of Ensaimades, the  spiral pastries which are a Mallorcan speciality. I had to buy the last few which the baker kindly cut up so we could all share.

They are like a cross between a croissant and an enriched bread, light and not too sweet, with just a dusting of icing sugar on top. A great way to experience breakfast the Mallorcan way.

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