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Ploughman’s Lunch after the Farmer’s Market with a cheese called ‘Rupert’

As those of you who have been following our Twitter Feed and Facebook Posts may have noticed, I have been frequenting local Farmer’s Markets this summer to find new and interesting ingredients

Last weekend, I was at the Irvington Farmers Market in NY  where I sampled a really special hand made cheese produced by Consider Bardwell Farm on the New York / Vermont border.  Consider Bardwell name their cheeses  after towns in Vermont and the one I came home with was called ‘Rupert’, after the town of that name established in 1761.  According to their website, it is an aged, raw Jersey cow milk cheese inspired by great European Alpine cheeses like Gruyère and Comté  which ages a minimum of six months, with a sharpness and complexity that gains with time. To me, it tasted sweet, fruity and nutty

A selection of Consider Bardwell Cheeses as tried at the Irvington NY Farmer's Market

A selection of Consider Bardwell Cheeses as tried at the Irvington NY Farmer’s Market

Once home from the market, lump of Rupert in hand, hungry, hot, tired, I was in need of a swift repast. It occurred to me  that the best thing to do was to put together an easy but filling traditional  English country lunch, known as a Ploughman’s Platter


A Cheese called Rupert

A Cheese called Rupert

A couple of chunks of different cheese – I often use Cheddar and Stilton but this time I used Rupert from Vermont and a Colston Basset Stilton from England – 2-3  tbsps of  Branston Pickle  (a chunky chutney that just works marvelously with cheese – I promise!) and a handful of pickled onions (both the pickle and onions are available online at Amazon and in local stores that stock British produce), Heirloom Tomatoes, Celery, Lettuce, an Apple and last but not least a hunk or two torn from a tasty hand made bread


Set the ingredients out on your plate, pour a large glass of beer and eat the lot with gusto!

Simple rustic fare, ready in 5 minutes and perfect for a famished farmer (or farmer’s market attendee)




    • simsalb

      I agree 100% with you. I was inspired by countless Ploughman’s Lunches I’ve consumed over the years on pub walks in the Chiltern Hills when I used to live in England

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  1. Small World! I’ve been to The Boat at Erbistok as my friends used to live in Ellesmere, Shropshire . I have a friend who is trying to persuade me to come over to Melbourne for the Food Festival. Hopefully I will get there soon!


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