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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream @ The School House, Harwichport Cape Cod MA

Menu & Scenes around the Schoolhouse

Menu & Scenes around the Schoolhouse

There are three things that have made my family’s annual vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts just perfect over the last several years:

Sun, Sea and the Schoolhouse Ice Cream!

With its white picket fence, weatherboard deck and seashell strewn floral gardens, the Schoolhouse is as near as one can get to Ice Cream Nirvana.

There is simply no place better for a frozen cream treat on the Cape than this little family run old time ice cream parlor, just north of Harwichport center, due to its wonderful product, ambiance and generosity of portion

Alice serves a huge Kiddie portion of Chocolate for my little one

Anna serves a huge Kiddie portion of Chocolate for my little one

The owner, Sue Stanley tells me they home make all their ice cream on site, sourcing the best ingredients they can find including Dutch Chocolate and fine vanilla and they only make super premium (16% butter fat).

As a small local operation they serve just over 35 delicious flavors, adding new ones every season.  My kids and I have tried their classics, such as, Harwich Mud Pie (coffee, chocolate cake pieces, chocolate almonds etc), Brady Crunch Bunch named after the wizard of (American) Football, Tom Brady and his New England Patriots team, which combines Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge and other crunchy treats. They also make one called Cherry Remi (maraschino cherries and choc chips) for Jerry Remi of Red Sox Baseball broadcasting fame

Their alcoholic numbers for more grown up customers, include Rum & Raisin infused with spiced rum and Irish Whiskey, containing a dram, or two of that smooth spirit. Both go down a treat! My personal favorites this year, are an unbelievably fruity strawberry and delicate peach ice creams with chunks of real fruit and we all love Peppermint Stick (kind of like Seaside Rock in ice cream for our readers in the UK), with crunchy red mint pieces in luscious peppermint ice cream.

Their frozen yogurt is fantastic too, I tried strawberry shortcake yesterday, a new flavor for this season. A must for anyone with a sweet tooth – soft shortbread like biscuit, strawberries and cream. Yum!

Strawberry and Mint Stick + Black Raspberry and Harwich Mud Pie!

Strawberry and Peppermint Stick + Black Raspberry and Harwich Mud Pie!

This little parlor really shows the love to their customers with bright happy staff, the most humongous portions you ever did see and something for their Canine Customers with a Free Doggy Sundae – Vanilla Yogurt and Dog Biscuits on offer

So if you are vacationing on Cape Cod, stop by the Schoolhouse and join me in Ice Cream Heaven!

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