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Vive la revolution! Celebrating Bastille Day with Breakfast at Cafe Brione

Breakfast for food bloggers!

Breakfast for food bloggers!

The best way to celebrate Bastille day is at my local favourite  – Cafe Brione in Eastcote, Greater London. By chance, they have just introduced a new breakfast/brunch menu that I just had to try. Delphine & Dom now have a new member of the team – Elisabelle, the chef who cooked my Bastille day breakfast.

I chose Oeufs Florentine, poached eggs on spinach, sourdough toast topped with Hollandaise . How did it taste?  Delicious!

Soft runny eggs, perfect Hollandaise, well cooked spinach on crunchy sour dough toast – fit for a king or queen (deposed) or a revolutionary!



    Love to have gone to the Bastille day celebration but was away on hols.

    Just want to say Lindsay that I really enjoy tast2taste – full of ideas and good information.

    So many thanks

    Best wishes

    Linda (we met at the Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago)


    • Hi Linda
      Thanks for your lovely comments and support. It would be great to write a review on one of the restaurants we decide to go to in Crouch End or Stroud Green in the future.


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